Aji Panca Chile

Aji Panca Chile

Aji Panca chile powder is a common ingredient of Peruvian cooking, and is one of the most common chile peppers grown along the coast there. With a dark red color, and a berry-like flavor and smoky overtones, Aji Panca imparts a mild, fruity taste that won't overwhelm other flavors in a recipe.

Adding flavor without a lot of heat, Aji Panca chiles barely register on the Scoville "spicy" scale at 1,000 - 1500 Sc units. [By comparison, the Peruvian Aji Amarillo chile clocks in at 40,000 Sc!]

Aji Panca chile is a tasty addition to sauces [even chocolate ones!] and fish dishes. When you want a rich, smoky taste similar to, but less strong than, chipotle, use Aji Panca chile with chicken or pork. Use Aji Panca like you would citrus zest, adding to a dish just before serving, or whisk Aji Panca chile with lime juice to dress sliced avocado or fruit salad.

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