Rum Extract

Rum. As in "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of." Rum is a dessert-lover's dream beverage component: a fermented, distilled liquor, made from our favorite ingredient: sugar.

In addition to all manner of rum punches, daiquiris, piņa coladas, and Tiki drinks, rum is also used as a flavoring agent in a number of cooked dishes and dessert recipes. It's a no-brainer to imagine its use in recipes such as rum balls or rum cakes, but it is also widely used to stew the fruits used in fruitcakes and is also used in marinades for some Caribbean dishes.

Our Rum Extract is made from rum, and boasts that full rum flavor, but without the high alcohol content associated with "real" rum. This ingredient offers the perfect way to add a touch of rum flavor without touching your liquor cabinet. Because it's concentrated, a little bit of Rum Extract will enhance an entire dish, without messing up the liquid balance of the recipe. It is a great addition to pound cakes, cobblers, coffee drinks, and confections.

You can use Rum Extract in any recipe that calls for dark or light rum. Want to substitute Rum Extract for (yo-ho-ho) rum? You can convert the recipe: for every two Tbsp of dark rum in a recipe, use one Tbsp of Rum Extract. For every five Tbsp of light rum, substitute one Tbsp of Rum Extract. What about the extra liquid? Much of the alcohol in regular rum would "cook off" on the stove or in the oven, but you may want to add a little water to make up for the missing liquid.

P.S. What would a pirate do without this extract? Starrrrrrve!

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