Organic Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed

Organic Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed

Organic Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed

Are you serious about your chocolate? Well, so are we! And we know you're going to be over-the-moon about our Dutch Process Organic Cocoa Powder -- it's seriously good stuff!

Darker and richer than its "natural cocoa" counterpart, *Dutch processed* cocoa is made from cocoa (cacao) beans that have been "Dutched" with a potassium solution, to neutralize the cocoa's natural acidity.

The Dutch process also increases solubility, enhances color, and smooths the rich, dark flavor of the cocoa in recipes. Full in taste, our organic Dutch process cocoa powder comes with a rich dark chocolate color and a high fat content of 20-22%, yielding rich and delicious baked goods.

In cakes and brownies, the Dutch-processed cocoas tend to produce moister and deeper colored baked goods. (Dust your greased pan with cocoa powder instead of flour for a no-stick super-chocolatey cake.) Dutch process cocoa also creates a darker, richer "mouthfeel" in fourless chocolate tortes, creamy ganaches, and decadent homemade ice cream.

Try our Dutch process organic cocoa powder in your next batch of cookies, brownies, cakes, or whatever pastry you're craving. We're available for taste testing!

Note: Because natural cocoa powder hasnít had its acidity tempered, we generally use it with baking soda (which is alkali) in recipes. Dutch-process cocoa is frequently used in recipes with baking powder, as it doesnít react to baking soda like natural cocoa does.

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