Hot Chocolate, Cafe Blend (Organic)

Hot Chocolate, Cafe Blend (Organic)

Yes, this is 'just' a hot chocolate mix. But it's not just *any* hot chocolate mix, and certainly not factory-packaged, artificial flavor, mini-dehydrated-marshmallow hot chocolate mix.

This is REAL hot chocolate mix. For big kids [like you]. A heavenly combination of cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla beans. From the only producer in the US of 100% stone ground organic chocolate.

As it warms your tummy, you can feel even better about drinking this hot chocolate mix. It's not just delectable -- this Hot Chocolate Cafe Blend is also sustainable not just financially but environmentally, and community-focused. Our supplier searches throughout Mexico and MesoAmerica for the best ingredients while compensating growers fairly for their work. In addition to being darn proud of our Hot Chocolate Cafe Blend because of its origins and pedigree, we're also plain addicted to it all winter long!

For the perfect cup of cocoa, stir 1/4 Cup Hot Chocolate Cafe Blend into 1 cup of warmed milk, stir, and heat to desired temperature. For extra decadence, garnish with homemade whipped cream or marshmallows -- or augment with a jigger of something a little stronger (AllSpice Guy says try a good peppermint schnapps.)

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cacao beans, cocoa butter, vanilla bean

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