Cacao Nibs, Organic Fair Trade

Cacao Nibs, Organic Fair Trade

Chocolate is a not-so-guilty pleasure, from the cocoa beans of the cacao plant. You know it is delicious -- now try our organic, stone-ground cacao nibs and discover an even more intense chocolate experience.

The wild cacao tree is native to the Americas, and it has been cultivated since as long ago as 1500 bc in Central America. Cocoa was a special treat for Aztec kings, and a prized trading commodity; before the Spanish conquest of the Americas, the cocoa bean was even used by indigenous people as currency. A big hit when Spanish conquistadors introduced cocoa to European audiences, the cacao plant was christened Theobroma [food of the gods] by Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who classified the whole plant kingdom.

Cocoa contains high amounts of theobromine, which is used in medicine as a diuretic, blood vessel dilator, and heart stimulant. Foods rich in cocoa appear to reduce blood pressure, as well.

Cacao nibs are perfectly roasted cocoa beans, separated from their husks and broken into small bits or nibs. Cacao nibs taste of the essence of chocolate -- dark chocolate lovers will especially like the rich flavor of cacao nibs. The stone-ground organic bits add a crunch and subtle chocolate flavor to savory dishes. Use cacao nibs as a substitute for roasted nuts or chocolate chips in your dessert or bread recipes.

And don't feel over-indulgent about keeping Cacao Nibs on hand. Ours are fair-trade, direct-trade, organic and stone-ground. Plus, this chocoriffic treat may actually be, dare I say, good for you? Minimally processed, Cacao Nibs have no sugar or dairy -- just the rich, dark chocolate flavor you love.

4 oz. Bag  $11.75 
8 oz. Bag  $23.00 
16 oz. Bag  $31.00 

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