Black Walnut Extract

Black walnuts are a favorite staple in the baker's pantry. The nutmeats give a robust, distinctive, natural flavor and add needed crunch to ice cream, baked goods and candies. Harvested when they fall from trees in the autumn, black walnuts are very popular in traditional holiday treats, such as cakes, cookies, fudge, and pies.

Use Black Walnut Extract to incorporate that distinctive flavor of the black walnut into your recipes. Black Walnut Extract is bold, with notes reminiscent of smoke and wine. Add a smidgen to your pecan pie, or add a splash to your cobbler topping for just a little something extra. Nutty sweet rolls, fudge and toffee, cakes and cookies, and any dish that calls for black walnuts can be improved with a dash of Black Walnut Extract. It's also a perfect solution to imparting that nutty flavor to recipes without adding the nuts themselves.

Outside the bakery category, Black Walnut Extract also makes a nice addition to a salad dressing in need of a nutty note, or even hearty winter vegetables before roasting.

2.0 fl. oz. Glass Bottle  $7.50