Almond Extract

Almond Extract

Use our pure almond extract to add the warm, mellow, nutty flavor of almonds to baked good favorites such as pies and pastries. Add almond extract to candies, cookies, frostings and pastry fillings for a fabulous finishing touch. A baker's pantry necessity, a little almond extract [1/2 tsp / batch] goes a long way.

Curiously, almond extract tastes nothing like whole almonds. Why? Almond extract is made with bitter almond oil and ethyl alcohol. Whole bitter almonds are technically inedible, but their oil has a strong, sweet flavor.

"Pure" almond extract is made with bitter almonds, whereas "natural" almond extract contains cassia bark essence. "Imitation" extract contains synthetic chemicals that mimic the almond flavor.

Almond extract's flavor complements most pitted fruits. A relative of the peach, almond flavor is delicious with peaches, cherries, and apricot desires. Almond extract is also traditionally included in many Middle Eastern meat stews, in Indian sweet rice pudding, and in mild curries.

Extracts, whether vanilla, lemon, almond or another flavor, are made by mixing a concentrated flavor with alcohol. The alcohol burns off during cooking or baking, leaving behind only the desired flavor in your cooking.

Ingredients: Alcohol (90%), Natural Bitter of Almond, Water

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