AllSpicer Lacey: Staff Profile

AllSpicer_Lacey_and_garlicThis post is one of a series of profiles of the AllSpice staff. We’re so proud of our talented and eclectic crew!

Name: Lacey Echer

When did you start working at AllSpice? I started working at AllSpice on April 11th 2016. (Look, Mom, I stayed somewhere over 9 months!)

How did you come to be at AllSpice? It’s a funny story: My mom was out shopping one day, and she dropped in here. She asked about what was happening in the back, where we jar the spices and blends, and asked if she could work here putting stickers on jars. My mom clearly thought I needed a job more than she did, so she gave me the application — and I applied! I think I fooled them with my innocent school kid look.

What do you do at AllSpice? What don’t I do here? I pretty much will do most anything from jarring, to cleaning, to helping customers. I really enjoy a good project tidying and organizing. Truth be told, I am also pretty much a clown at heart, and I love to make people laugh. Oh, and I sometimes poke fun at the boss when he drops or breaks things. I get silly, and then I am pretty much worthless once I’ve got the giggles.

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The seven best pieces of advice from our mothers’ kitchens

Depression-era_momMother knows best.

Seriously. Whether it was admonitions to always take along a jacket, or exhortations to send a handwritten thank-you note, or reminders to eat your vegetables before asking her for dessert, your mom’s practical advice always had your best interests at heart.

Yeah, sometimes, at the time she was telling you what you ought to do, you might have thought her advice was eccentric — or even excessive. Or that her ideas of propriety were, you know, outdated.

But now, looking back, you see that a lot of your mom’s advice turned out to be common-sense rules for daily living.

Especially when it comes to what to cook and how to cook it, your mother’s advice was informed by many years of feeding you and the rest of your family, every day, until you were all big enough to fend for yourself in the kitchen.

So, in honor of Mothers’ Day 2017, here are seven of our favorite bits of advice from our mothers’ kitchens that still ring true today:

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Time to RUNAMOK in the shop!


New at AllSpice: we’ve started carrying gourmet maple syrups by Vermont producer RUNAMOK.

Runamok-aged-in-liquor-barrelsRunamok makes a delicious range of infused, barrel-aged and smoked maple syrups. Everything the company produces is small-batch, and completely organic.

Among the infused and smoked maple syrups, we have Elderberry Infused ($17/250ml), Cinnamon-Vanilla Infused ($17/250ml), Cardamom Infused ($17/250ml) (here at the shop, it’s everyone’s favorite), and Pecan Wood Smoked maple syrups ($17/250ml).

To make barrel-aged offerings, Runamok takes recently emptied barrels from local distillers and adds their maple syrup, letting it age for up to a year. This lets the spirit to impart its signature flavor without adding any alcohol. We have fun flavors here at AllSpice like Bourbon Barrel Aged ($20/250ml), Rye Barrel Aged ($20/250ml), Rum Barrel Aged maple syrups ($20/250ml).

We also have some 4- pack Runamok Maple Syrup assortments($20 each) with themes like Cheese Pairing, Infused + Barrel, Day + Night., and Smoke + Barrel.


Here’s how Runamok makes their exquisite products:


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Cinco de Mayo + First Friday at AllSpice

Cinco_de_Mayo_1901This week marks the first, First Friday of 2017. To make things even more festive, May’s First Friday is also Cinco de Mayo!

Several shops in the East Village – including us – will be open until 8 p.m.  The weather forecast looks warm and sunny, and we’re making some great AllSpice Cinco de Mayo-themed snacks to sample.

If we have any last-minute updates to the First Friday party plan, we’ll share the news via our Cinco de Mayo Facebook event page. Otherwise, just swing by after work, or pop in as you start your fun evening out.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Sip, don’t clip, this shrub


no, not a flowering shrub

Let’s talk about shrubs, shall we? No, not the woody-stemmed, smaller-than-a-tree, bushy plant kind of shrubs.

For our purposes, we’re talking this week about a shrub you can drink. 

Evolved from the Arabic word sharab, or schurb, which just means “drink,” a shrub is an acidulated* concoction of fruit and (sometimes) sugar, steeped in vinegar.

Shrub-as-beverage dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries in England, and later in the American colonies in the New World.  A shrub was a cocktail (or soft drink) made from a sweet, vinegared syrup, mixed with spirits, water, or soda-water.

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